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The SNO is a place where talented professionals can find opportunities to grow in a challenging, motivating, and supportive environment. Since we are a dynamic and evolving organization, the contribution of every member directly impacts our overall success.


Igor Longato SNO
Igor Longato


Marku Brulhart SNO
Markus Brülhart

Secretary – Vice President

Douglas Ansel SNO
Douglas Ansel


Musical Direction

John Axelrod SNO
John Axelrod

Music Director and Principal Conductor

Ralf Weikert SNO
Ralf Weikert

Guest Conductor

Honor Committee

Marco Solari SNO
Marco Solari
Berdardino Regazzoni SNO
Bernardino Regazzoni
Laurenz Lutteken SNO
Prof. Dr. Laurenz Lütteken
Eleonore Mathier SNO
Eleonore Mathier
Alois Koch SNO
Alois Koch
Ralf Weikert SNO
M° Ralf Weikert

Administrative Team

Igor Longato SNO
Igor Longato

Executive director

Maria Luisa Bernini Burkhard SNO
Maria Luisa Bernini Burkhard

Communications manager

Douglas Ansel SNO
Douglas Ansel


Federico Costanza SNO
Federico Costanza


Anna Kochubey SNO
Anna Kochubey

Strategy and marketing

Alessandra De Carolis SNO
Alessandra De Carolis


Lamberto Azzariti SNO
Lamberto Azzariti

Graphic design

Franco Giovanola SNO
Franco Giovanola

IT and Cyber security

Giampiero Giacomel SNO
Giampiero Giacomel

Head of Philanthropy

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At The Swiss National Orchestra, you will have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the future of Swiss symphonic music.

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